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IIUM Nadi@watan Club (Nadi Askar Wataniah) is the first established uniform body in 1997 under Uniform & Interest Based Unit, S-Dev. WE are developing a group of Malaysian Territorial Army (Reserve Army) amongst IIUM local students and staff who would like to pursue leadership and followership skills by recruiting them under 515 Regiment Territorial Army, Keramat Camp Kuala Lumpur. OUR Club is also indirectly spreading the government’s inspiration specifically Ministry of Defense to realize reserve:regular 1:1 soldier ratio by promoting Malaysian Territorial Army in the campus vicinity, which also to expect the promotion of Territorial Army that is Askar Wataniah will be magnified to increase the ratio to be 2:1 by year 2020. Since its establishment, WE had been recruiting more than half thousand students/staff of IIUM and will continually spread the sense of patriotism, volunteerism as well as the concept of brotherhood and Jihad amongst the young Muslim armies.


* To become the best uniform body club under Uniform & Interest Based Unit of IIUM Student Development Division (S-Dev).


* To maintain welfare of the members.
* To strengthen the brotherhood amongst the members.
* To instill the sense of patriotism amongst the members
* To spread the concept of volunteerism amongst the members and IIUM students.
* To cultivate the leadership qualities amongst the students by joining Territorial Army of Malaysia.
* To promote the Territorial Army of Malaysia to the IIUM students and staff.
* To strengthen the relationship between IIUM community and Regiment 515 (TA).
* To spread the concept of jihad in young Muslim armies.


* The best uniform body club award.
* In any recruitment and career course, OUR members have always been achieving outstanding awards such as:
- Top Marksman Recruit
- Top Academic Recruit
- Top Drill Recruit
- Top Overall Recruit
* One of OUR members also was a president of SRC of IIUM.


Lieutenant Wan Rizaila Wan Mamat Saufi


Lieutenant Rossalinawati Baharum


Kpl Saiful Akmal Mohd Said
Kpl Raja Salahuddin Raja Sulong
L/kpl Muhammad Zarif Mohd Khalid
L/kpl Khairul Azlee Amran
L/kpl Ahmad Asyraff Mat Ali
L/kpl Wan Nurul Izzah Wan Husin
L/kpl Wan Ahmad Najib Wan Muhammad
L/kpl Hudzaifah Mohd Parid


President : Pbt Elridzuan Elias
Vice President I : Pbt Zuhairi Yacob
Vice President II : Pbt Fadilah Jasni
Secretary : Pbt Naqqiuddin Nasir
Assistant Secretary : Pbt Husna Ayuni Abdullah
Financial Controller : Pbt Nurhuda Husna Zulkarnain
Chief of Quartermaster : Pbt Lutfi Shaiban

Bureau of Human Resources & Development(HRD)
Head HRD : Pbt Farid Ramlan
Asst. HRD : Pbt Rozahirah Ghozalli

Bureau of Education & Tarbiyyah(ENT)
Head ENT : Pbt Dziaulhaq Ahmad
Asst. ENT : Pbt Elina Abdullah

Bureau of Training
Head Training : Pbt Aiman Mohamed
Asst. Training : Pbt Suhana Othman

Bureau of Special Task(ST)
Head ST : Pbt Harma Khalid
Asst. ST :Pbt Anis Syakir Abu Bakar

Bureau of Economy(Econ)
Head Econ : Pbt Abdurrahman Ibrahim
Asst. Econ : Pbt Anis Safwanah Azizan

Bureau of Training of Trainer(TOT)
Head TOT : Pbt Amirah Noh
Asst. TOT : Pbt Ali Karimi Rahman

Bureau of Quartermaster(QM)
Head QM : Pbt Afham Jumat
Asst. QM : Lkpl Aisyah Amran

Bureau of Information & Technology(IT)
Head IT : Pbt Syazwan Halim
Asst. IT : Pbt Izzati Roslan


Only IIUM Malaysian student/staff can be member of this club since WE are promoting Malaysian Territorial Army. Student who would like to join the club will be offered whether to join skill CCZD (1 hour credited course) or non-skill (non-credited course). Such student who wishes to join skill CCZD will need to accomplish three years study plan like the other CCAC flow plans. For those who just wish to be recruited as an army and not to involve in CCZD study flow plan, they are still a part of the Nadi@watan family and such that can join any activity prepared by the club and the 515 Regiment throughout the year.

For membership purpose, YOU may find OUR booth during taaruf week, cocu week, or any other event as mentioned in OUR flyer/poster in any mahallah’s cafe and Kulliyyah or have OUR contact person (HRD Bureau).



* Recruitment
* Foot and Weapon Drills
* Series Local Trainings (1-24 per year)
* Advanced Training
* Annual Camp
* Exercise Haringgaroo (Australian + Malaysian Army)
* Weapon Course (Colt M16, Steyr, LMG, GPMG, Mortar,Carlgustav, and more)
* Kursus Asas Disiplin Anggota Rendah (KADAR) Course
* Tactical Course
* Marching
* Camping


* Demonstration night (annual event) in conjunction with IIUM CONVEST
               - Territorial Armed Force (TAF ‘05) 
               - Glory of Freedom (GOF ‘07) 
               - Call of Duty (COD ‘08)
               - Malaysian Armed Forces in Action (MAFinACT ‘09)
               - Malaysian Armed Forces in Action (MAFinACT ‘10)
* Reunion
* ‘Merdeka’ Parade
* Army Stuff Exhibition
* Informal activities

More privileges WE provide for YOU...

1) Since an issue of limited mahallah room for allocation of new students is becoming worrisome for most of them, whoever be a part of OUR active club members specifically skill CCWT (credited course), YOU will be convinced to get a room in the Mahallah Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi (mixed-mahallah) where WE are all being centralized for making up administrative and meeting activities.

2) Since students are enough with burden of increasing fuel and food prices as well as related fees, WE provide YOU a way to earn your own pocket money by joining any training after being recruited as an army during weekend and semester vacation period.

3) Since most students nowadays like adventurous activities that test their fitness and courage, WE ensure YOU get your adrenalin to the top by exposure of the army activities such as abseiling, marching, camping, shooting, survivor, etc.

4) Since not all people can have privilege to know in deep about army knowledge and assets, WE ensure YOU to wear Malaysian army celoreng with proud to go to any army camps nationwide for training and career courses and can grab a chance to have training exercise with Australian Army.

5) Since some of students/staff of IIUM never experience shooting a real weapon, WE ensure that YOU will shoot one with real bullets as soon as YOU are being recruited. Plus, YOU have a pass ticket to watch a Live Firepower Demonstration by Malaysian Army that involves most of its assets in front of your naked eyes.


For more information about this club and registration, Please surf and contact us at:

3) Facebook

* Closed Group : Nadi@watan Club
* Closed Profile : Nadiwatan Akaun (for members only)

4) Our Operation Room (OR) is at IIUM Transportation Unit.

5) Club’s notice board in front of S-Dev.
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