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50 Blog Sejarah Tentera Terbaik

Best Military History Blogs

These military history blogs analyze battles, explore weapons used during certain eras and make great book recommendations for those who want to become (or are) military history buffs.
1. Thoughts on Military History : This blogger’s as buff as you can get when it comes to military history. Follow him as he earns his PhD and shares tidbits with other history lovers.
2. Wig-Wags : This site focuses on the Civil War, but is sprinkled with bits from other battles and wars as well.
3. A Story of War : Military history buffs and plain ol’ citizens will appreciate this fantastic site that comes from the blogger’s father’s war diaries.
4. Blog Them Out of the Stone Age : This site aims to bring military history front and center to the medium of blogging and does a stellar job of going behind the art of war.
5. Trench Fever : For years this site served as a military history news site of sorts. No longer updated, you’ll enjoy the archives which have reading recommendations and link love for other military history sites.
6. On Violence : Written by two brothers – one who is a pacifist and the other a soldier recently deployed to Iraq, this blog doesn’t focus on military history, but rather the logic and reasoning behind war.
7. War Historian : This blog has links to numerous articles written on specific war subjects. It’s organized and concise, making it great for those who are looking to learn or want a refresher.
8. A Lincoln Blog : This site no longer updates, but Lincoln lovers will appreciate the lengthy archived posts regarding one of the most influential presidents in American history.
9. Battlefield Wanderings : This blogger believes that reading can only do so much. Here he logs his travels to famous battlefields and the experience it brings when knowing the history of the land.
10. Birmingham "On War" : The students at the University of Birmingham share their thoughts on war as they learn. While this may seem like a silly school project, it’s actually a progressive process for learning what the citizens of tomorrow think about the wars of yesterday.
11. Blog 4 History : This site is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about the Civil War. It’s chock full of info for buffs in the beginner stage.
12. World War I Letters : The letters home from a World War I soldier. While large military history books provide an immense amount of information, nothing provides insight like authentic letters.
13. An Italian Deportee : For a first-hand account of this lost chapter of World War II, check out this blog which publishes journal entries of a deported immigrant to the date, decades after they were created.
14. World War Relics : This site seldom updates, but World War I afficionados will love the posts with profiles of influential figures and memorabilia.
15. European Center of Military History : A complete round-up of military history in Europe, including unique posts on the ammunition used for various wars.
16. Bull Runnings : This site is trying to fill the void of an online military history magazine and does a great job of keeping things slick, yet informative.
17. Alex Rose : This writer has a casual approach at his blog which discusses military history and (naturally) his own books and the work and research that goes into writing.
18. Rantings of a Civil War Historian : We love this Civil War blog because it’s easy to understand. The blogger does an outstanding job of breaking down battles so we understand them without being military history buffs.
19. The Civil War Augmented Reality Project : These guys are looking to create an app of the Civil War and amazing technology to be implemented to give tourists a "real" look at war when they’re visiting battlefields.
20. Battle of Britain : This amazing blog chronicles Britain’s days in battle, giving you the authentic feel of being on the frontlines (or as close as you can get).
21. World War II Day by Day : This blog follows the Battle of Britain 70 years to the day. Great for those who love first-hand accounts of war time.
22. A Student of History : Newcomers will find this blog useful because it covers many aspects of military history, including early America and the French Revolution, giving you a taste of the characters involved.
23. 60 Years War : This military history made his research helpful for others by publishing it to a blog where it’s accessible for anyone looking to learn more about the 60 Years War era.
24. World War II Today : This site follows World War II and gives us a look at individual experiences versus the big picture. It does a great job of creating an authentic feel.
25. Air Minded : Check out this fantastic blog that’s penned by a military history buff who knows his stuff since he has a PhD in it.
    Best Online Resources for Military History
    Have a question on a battle, time period or general? Consult these online resources to improve your military history knowledge.
    26. PBS – Civil War : One of the go-to sites on the web for all things Civil War. There’s video footage from Ken Burns’ Civil War series and classroom lesson plans for educators.
    27. 100 Milestones Documents : Check out the 100 milestone documents that shaped our nation.
    28. Civil War Women : Powered by Duke University, this is one of the best resources for learning about women who participated in various ways for the Civil War. Most impressive are the papers and diaries chronicling the war from a first-person perspective.
    29. Civil War Bookshelf : Book recommendations for the Civil War buff in you. There’s also reviews and commentary for those who crave more than a suggestion.
    30. History Today : A complete look at World War I. From battles to art to what was going on in America at the time, this site is great for getting all of the info you need on WWI in one place.
    31. The Long, Long Trail : Arguably the best online resource for all things British military during WWI.
    32. World War II History : World War II buffs will want to sign up for this site’s newsletter and tune in to the podcast for interviews with authors and historians on the era.
    33. Civil War Memory : This blog is penned by a high school teacher and history buff. It provides solid look at the era with a fresh perspective that isn’t too technical.
    34. History of War : Here you’ll find links galore for World War I. This blog includes info on the many countries that participated.
    35. American Civil War Forum : Articles from folks all over the web regarding the Civil War.
    36. History of Warfare : While this site no longer updates, it is packed with useful general military history facts. It analyzes the different equipment used during respective eras and also discusses the personalities of great generals.
    37. Historic Battlefields : This site is for true military history buffs as it goes into lengthy posts explaining battles. It’s interesting, but unless you’re well-versed in the subject expect to spend some time further researching.
    38. Second World War Forum : This writer is ready to share his knowledge of WWII in a concise manner that’s easy to follow. This blog includes book reviews and recommendations.
    39. The History Blog : This blog isn’t all military history, but it does explore the subject a lot of the time and is also sprinkled with interesting stories and commentary on artifacts. Any history buff will love it.
    40. Military History Blog : This blog is packed with book reviews, giving you a heads-up on what’s worth reading and what’s not .
    41. Great History : If you need to refresh yourself when it comes to history, this site is a great resource to help you connect the dots. It also updates you on current conflicts going on around the globe.
    42. MillHist : Read this military history blog because with various contributors, it serves as a feed for the best posts out there on war and battles.
    43. Military History Podcasts : Check out these podcasts for facts on everything from the Peloponnesian War to General MacArthur.
    44. Korean War Center : This site no longer updates, but it still ranks among the most informative blogs on the Korean War.
    45. Maple Leaf Up : This message board is one of the best online resources for tracking Canadian military history.
    46. How It Really Was : At this blog you’ll find plenty of military history book reviews and recommendations. The writer is a true buff who goes into analysis of content and characters.
    47. American Presidents : If it’s American military history that catches your eye, you will want to check out this blog for insight on the presidents that declared war.
    48. Royal Academy Airforce : This site for the RAF shows plenty of updates on equipment and check out the blogs from troops in Afghanistan.
    49. History News Network : History buffs are locked to this history channel when they aren’t online or reading to research their favorite topics. This site is organized an easy to navigate, making it a great starting point for beginners.
    50. Imperial War Museum Duxford : The next best thing to visiting the museum. We’ve seen a lot of museum websites in our day and this one takes the cake for showing readers in-depth looks at permanent exhibits.

      Military history buffs are always on the hunt for new information and background on their favorite battles or wars. Learn more about the people involved, the era and how it contributed to today’s culture by checking out these military history blogs and online resources.


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